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Dear  Neighbors,

Three candidates are running in the Martin’s Additions Council Election on May 10:  Arthur Alexander, Tiffany Cissna, and Susan Fattig. The Official Election Information Packet is now on its way to your mailbox. Local government matters, so please come out and vote!

But sometimes work or family obligations can make it difficult to vote in person on Election Day. If so, it’s easy to request an absentee ballot for yourself or for any other qualified voter who is a member of your household. Absentee ballots will be available from 9 AM on Wednesday April 18 until 3 PM on Wednesday May 9, 2018. 



You can use the application form here, or come to the Village Office to fill out the absentee ballot application. Please put your completed application in the Election Committee lockbox at the Village Office (7013 Brookville Road, Suite B).

You can also email your application to, or send it by U.S. mail to the VMA Election Committee, P.O. Box 15978, Chevy Chase, MD 20825. Or you can simply send the Election Committee an email or written request that contains the same information – the qualified voter’s full name and address in Martin’s Additions, email address, etc.

If you ask the Committee to email absentee ballots to household members, there must be a separate individual email address for each eligible voter. After verifying that the recipient is a qualified voter, the Election Committee will assign an absentee ballot-security number and email one ballot to each person, along with the absentee-voting instructions.


NOTE:  The Election Committee encourages residents to request absentee ballots by email or by dropping off the application form in person at the Village Office, because requests sent by U.S. mail may run into postal delivery delays.


Best wishes from your 2018 VMA Election Committee

Marty Langelan, Lauren Shweder Biel, Jesse Tampio, Diane Everts, and Susan Post

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