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The Village of Martin's Additions is governed by a municipal Charter that provides for a five-member Council elected by VMA residents. The Council election is normally held between March 1 and May 15 each year, in accordance with the Charter, and members are elected to two-year terms that begin on July 1. The number of seats open on the Council alternates two seats one year and three seats the next. Any qualified voter may nominate another qualified voter or may declare his or her own candidacy.

In order to manage each year's election, the Council appoints resident-volunteers to an Election Committee. The committee operates under the rules and procedures adopted by the Council (Policy 2019-12-2) and in accordance with Sections 408 and 602 of the Village Charter. For more information about the committee, see the Election Committee webpage.

2024 Village Election
Initial 2024 VMA Election Results are here.
2024 VMA Election Information Packet can be found here
2024 Election Forum recording can be found here.
You can review the adopted Election Regulations here
Complete the Eligibility to Vote form here.


The VMA Election Committee is pleased to present the Council with the proposed schedule for the 2024 Village Council election.
  • Election Day will be Tuesday, May 7, 2024. The timetable for the election is as follows:
  • February 22: The Committee issues the official public notice of the opening of the nomination period (75 days before Election Day).
  • March 23: Candidate filing deadline (45 days before Election Day).
  • April 6: Deadline for VMA to mail the official VMA election information packet to each household (14 days after the candidate filing date).
  • April 7: Deadline for the Committee to email the updated, verified VMA voter roll to the mail-vote election contractor, to prepare the ballot packets.
  • April 25: VMA election forum (the Committee will confirm the candidates’ availability for the forum when they initially file as candidates, the month before).
  • April  26: The contractor mails the ballot packets to the voters the day after the forum.
  • May 7: Election Day. Last day to add new voters. The Committee supervises the mail-vote drop-box for the sealed ballot envelopes, in front of the Village Office.
  • May 14: Last day for voters to contact the Committee to request replacement ballots.
  • May 21/22: Due date for receipt of the ballot envelopes, and the date for the vote counting session (the Committee and manager will confirm the contractor’s availability). The Committee will review the contractor’s final Count of Ballot Report, and then vote to certify and announce the official election results.

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