Stormwater and Groundwater Task Force

In response to resident concerns regarding problems arising from increasing stormwater and groundwater, the Village Council appointed 4 resident-volunteers to a temporary, six-month Stormwater and Groundwater Task Force to assess these water issues in the Village. Upon completion of its research, the Task Force will make written recommendations to the Council and community that address identified needs and deficiencies, per its scope of work.

The Water Taskforce held a Storm Water Seminar with Engineer Jason Azar on March 20th, a recording of that seminar can be found here

The Fiscal Year 2024 Village Stormwater and Groundwater Task Force  consists of the following Village residents:

  • Mark Shaffer (Shepherd St) (Chair)
  • Phillip Hurst (Thornapple St)
  • Joel Kliksberg (Quincy St)
  • Camille Wahl (Shepherd St)
  • Arthur Alexander (Raymond St) (Council Liaison)

FY2024 Stormwater and Groundwater Task Force Meetings

05/28/24   Agenda   Packet    
03/20/24         Video
12/04/23   Agenda      
10/16/23   Agenda       Video

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