Ethics Committee

Committee Members:

The Fiscal Year 2021 Village Ethics Committee consists of the following Village residents.

  • Lorie Mitchell (Cummings Lane)
  • Marc Efron, Chair (Raymond Street) 
  • Debbie Roumell (Raymond Street)

Committee Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Village Ethics Committee are described in the Village Code. Section 2-101(b) of the Village Code provides that:

“There shall be a Village Ethics Committee which shall be composed of a minimum of three (3) members appointed by the Village Council. Members of the Ethics Committee shall be qualified to vote in Village elections and shall not be members of the Village Council or the Elections Committee. The Ethics Committee members shall serve until the end of the fiscal year in which they were appointed. The Ethics Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

(1) To provide advisory opinions to persons subject to provisions of Chapter 4 of this Code as to its applicability; and
(2) To make determinations as authorized by Chapter 4 of this Code.”

To read in full Chapter 4 of the Village Code, which pertains to Conflict of Interest, please click here: Village Code

Ethics Committee Meeting Agenda(s) and Minutes:

The Ethics Committee developed a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire that became part of a Council-adopted policy regarding taking oaths of office and disclosure of conflicts of interest. See the policy and the questionnaire here

Maryland Open Meetings Act: Citizens interested in learning about the Maryland Open Meetings Act may wish to take the free online training offered by the University of Maryland. A Certificate of Completion is available after the review. The link to the class is here: Open Meetings Act training – Univ of MD

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