Community Engagement Committee (CEC)

The Community Engagement Committee (CEC) is a volunteer committee that helps with the planning and organization of Committee events. In addition, the CEC works with the VMA office staff to recruit and organize volunteer street captains to help in welcoming new Village residents and distributing flyers for upcoming events on their respective streets.  This committee has up to 6 appointed members, including a Chairperson, and the Council seeks volunteers and reappoints these members annually. You may contact them at

The Fiscal Year 2024 Village Community Engagement Committee consists of the following Village residents:

  • Keith Allen, Chair (Turner Ln) 
  • Phillip Hurst (Thornapple St)
  • Paul McGowan (Brookville Rd) 
  • Yasmina Mudarres (Shepherd St)
  • Jonathan Shahar (Chestnut)
  • Susan Fattig (Melville) (Council Liaison) 

 Street Captains:

  • Brookville Road - *Paul McGowan
  • Bradley Lane - Tessa Harber
  • Chestnut Street - Marty Langelan
  • Cummings Lane - Denise & Peter Glassman
  • Delfield - Lauren Biel (dead-end), and Rick Hellings (7200 block)
  • Melville Place - Oliver Wolf 
  • Oxford Street - vacant
  • Quincy Street - Michael Krackov
  • Raymond Street - Lisa Single
  • Shepherd Street - Charlie Schoenthaler
  • Summit Avenue - vacant
  • Taylor Street - Steve Howard
  • Thornapple Street - Barbara Sacks-Singer
  • Turner Lane - vacant

*Street Captain Coordinator

CEC Meetings:

The CEC will hold at least quarterly meetings, and more frequently if needed, and will publish the meeting date/time/location/agenda in advance to encourage neighbors to attend and participate.  A summary of the meeting discussion will be provided to the VMA Council during the next VMA Council meeting. 

FY 2024 Community Engagement Committee Meetings

05/29/24   Agenda       Video
04/02/24   Agenda       Video
01/17/24   Agenda       Video
11/02/23   Agenda       Video
10/10/23   Agenda       Video
FY2023 Community Engagement Committee Meetings

06/12/23   Agenda       Video
04/24/23   Agenda       Video
02/28/23   Agenda       Video
01/24/23   Agenda      
FY2022 Community Engagement Committee Meetings

01/19/22   Agenda     Minutes  
11/09/21   Agenda     Minutes  
FY2020 Community Engagement Committee Meetings

12/22/20   Agenda      
10/08/20   Agenda      
06/01/20   Agenda     Minutes  
03/25/20   Agenda      
12/09/19   Agenda     Minutes  
09/04/19   Agenda     Minutes  
FY2021 Community Engagement Committee Meetings

05/25/21   Agenda      

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