Code of Ordinances

Current Village Code, as of July 2022: Village Code of Ordinances

 Amendment Purpose  Date

Ordinance 2022-4-1

To Create Staggered Terms For Ethics Committee Members  June 23, 2022

Ordinance 2021-4-1

To Amend the Code of Ordinances to Clarify the Front-loading Garage Restrictions 

June 17, 2021

Ordinance 2021-3-1

To Adopt an Urban Forest Program 

June 17, 2021

Ordinance 2021-1-1

To expand the jurisdiction of the ethics committee to include oaths of service, and to add complaint resolution procedures

March 18, 2021
Ordinance No. 4-1-2020 (2020 Emergency Election Plan)

Allows the Village of Martin's Additions to adopt an Emergency Elections Plan for the 2020 Village of Martin's Additions vote-by-mail election. 

April 16, 2020
Small Cell Ordinance (Resolution 1-19-1)  Add a new chapter, Chapter 10, to the Village Code of Ordinances to adopt requirements concerning the installation and operation of small wireless telecommunications facilities in the public right-of-way  
Ordinance no. 9-18-1 (Comprehensive)  Correct typographical errors in diagrams relating to building height; amend the definition of wall plane height; clarify the required additional side setback; define “maintain” and “repair” with respect to developmental non conformities; and otherwise clarify the Code  December 6, 2018
Ordinance No. 6-17-1 (Comprehensive) and Resolution Resolution 6-17-2 (permit fees)  Amend the Code of Ordinances to require work to begin within six months of issuance of the permit; and for work to be completed in 12 months; and to require an extension fee equal to 50 percent of the original permit fee. July 20, 2017
Ordinance No 2-17-1  Amend the Code of Ordinances to require an informational meeting for certain construction projects: April 20, 2017
Ordinance No 1-17-1 (comprehensive) Amend Chapter 6 of the Village code and further regulate the construction of curb cuts, driveways, and aprons in the public right-of-way March 16, 2017
Ordinance No 4-16-1 (comprehensive) Amend Chapter 7 of the Village Code and adding a counsel for Ethics Committee reference in Code June 16, 2016
Ordinance No 4-16-1 (comprehensive) as introduced and amended Amend Chapter 7 of the Village Code and adding a counsel for Ethics Committee reference in Code April 21, 2016
Ordinance No 11-15-1 (comprehensive)   Reorganize and clarify the Code  November 19, 2015
Ordinance no 11-15-1 (comprehensive) as amended  Amend and clarify the Code of Ordinances December 17, 2015
Ordinance No 11-15-1 (comprehensive) Adopted 1-21-16 Reorganize and clarify the Code January 21,2016

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