Brookville/Taylor Intersection

Dear residents,
As you may know, we have been working with State Highway Administration and Section 3 for quite a while now to implement some safety measures and re-design the intersection of Brookville Rd. and Taylor St. Today, we met onsite with State Highway and their contractors, and I am happy to say that we are very close to getting underway! Scroll down for a project plan.
What is the Project?
In an effort to make the Brookville Rd./Taylor St. safer for pedestrians, State Highway will move the crosswalks so that they are closer together, shortened, and straightened out. Visibility issues will be addressed by removing the marketplace handicap parking space that currently sits after the Stop Sign, and moving that to a safer location as well. The stop sign will be relocated so that it sits on an extended bump-out so it is not blocked by parked vehicles.

ADA-compliant handicap ramps will be placed at each corner of the intersection, and water flow issues will be addressed by re-grading the street and fixing the storm drains on both sides of the street.
When will it begin?
Work began on August 1st and, depending on the weather, will be completed in about two weeks.
How will it affect me?
Over those two weeks, State Highway will have to close down one lane of Brookville Rd. towards the intersection between 9:30 am - 3:30 pm Monday through Friday. They will provide a flagger to help move traffic along, but if you happen to cross that intersection during those hours, please be prepared for some delays.
In addition, the Section 3 side of Taylor street will be closed for staging of the construction vehicles over the length of the project.
Daytime parking in front of the marketplace will be limited during construction as well, as some construction vehicles may be placed there during the day.
In total, the project should last about two weeks, assuming good weather. This means that by the start of the new school year, the intersection will have finally been addressed, and will hopefully be safer for schoolkids and families at the bus stop, and for all pedestrians and commuters in general.

Project Plan

Thank you,
Matthew Trollinger
Village Manager

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