Street Repaving  Schedule

Dear Residents,
Due to the rain this afternoon, AB Veirs was unable to complete top paving. Here is the updated schedule for next week
Monday: mill Thornapple 
Monday: top pave Quincy
Monday: top pave Raymond 
Tuesday: mill Chestnut
Tuesday: top pave Chestnut
Wednesday: top pave Thornapple 
Please note that we've moved some things around so that Chestnut parking is only closed off for one day to accommodate the residents who are already dealing with numerous construction projects limiting parking and road space. 
As a reminder, for this work to be done properly, ALL VEHICLES WILL NEED TO BE REMOVED FROM THE STREET THAT IS BEING WORKED ON.
Please note that each street will need to be closed for two days from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm while the work is being done. This means that streets will be entirely inaccessible during these hours.
If cars remain are still parked in the street when work is scheduled to begin, the Village will have your vehicle towed to the La Ferme parking lot. We realize this is a great inconvenience, but we hope you understand that this long awaited project is finally happening, and in order for it to be done properly, AB Veirs will need to have the streets completely clear. Cars will need to be off the streets by 7:30 am the morning your street is scheduled to be worked on. By 6:00 o'clock the streets will be opened up again and you will be free to drive on them.
Thank you or your continued patience through this process.
Matthew Trollinger,
Village Manager

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