2018 VMA Elections Results

Here are the results of the May 10, 2018, Council Election for the Village of Martin's Additions:
Total ballots: 162 
145 ballots were received at the polling table.
17 completed absentee ballots were returned by Election Day (36 absentee ballots were requested and delivered). 
With three seats up for election, 162 ballots = 486 possible valid votes to be cast.
Election Results: 
Arthur Alexander 132 votes 
Tiffany Cissna 131 votes
Susan Fattig 135 votes
In addition, 17 write-in candidates received a total of 42 votes, as follows: 
Jean Sperling 9 votes
 Elissa Bean 8 votes 
Katie F. Howard 5 votes
Lauren Biel, Paul Bishop, Debbie Brown, Frank Correl, Ben Dunford, and John Sharrow each received 2 votes.
Keith Allen, Matt Biel, Hanne Correl, Neil Ellis, James Joyce, Linda Kirschten, Chris Schrader, and Holly Worthington each received 1 vote. 
Some residents voted for fewer than three people, resulting in a total of 41 votes not cast. Only five votes were disqualified this year: Two votes for young men who are not yet eligible to serve on the Council (under-age), and one rain casualty - a wet ballot (three blank votes) that was stuck to the underside of a valid ballot.
The Election Committee congratulates the winning candidates and thanks the residents of Martin's Additions for the excellent turn-out. Thank you to the shops, artists, volunteers, and community groups for their generous, helpful participation on this Election Day. 
We especially commend the VMA staff (Matt, Tina, and Wayne) for their exceptionally helpful and diligent work in support of all the Election Committee's mailings, notices, meetings, and logistics. 
Respectfully submitted by the 2018 Martin's Additions Election Committee: Marty Langelan, Lauren Shweder Biel, Diane Everts, Naomi Naierman, Susan Post, and Jesse Tampio

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